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where your music matters.

Services for musicians of all levels.
Teaching & Production Experience
Enjoy working with close friends with decades of combined experience in the education & music industries.
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- We're passionate and receptive.
- Active heart-centered musicians.
- We create exciting opportunities.
- Known for our empowering approach.
- Multi-instrumentalists & skilled vocalists with comfort in most styles of music.
Tyler Stromquist-LeVoir
Executive Director | Instructor
Adam Schneider
Executive Producer
"I highly recommend Elation Music Studios!! Adam Schneider (the founder) is a brilliant entrepreneur seeking to change the world through sustainable and respectable business practices but also has a phenomenal talent for recording and producing music. When I was passing through St. Paul I had the honor and privilege of working at this studio and we were able to create professional industry-standard recordings in only a few hours. Definitely a worthwhile visit in the Twin Cities area. Elation takes the collaborative process to a higher level and does so with kindness and compassion."

Taylor Tuke

"I took an intensive Artist Empowerment course with the wonderful Adam Schneider (founder) & the experience changed my life in ways that are beyond words... If you're seeking a studio that tenaciously embodies authenticity, creative empowerment, & FUN— look no further! The second you step foot into Elation Music Studios, you are seen & supported."

Jade Marianna

"Elation Music Studios is a place perfectly suited for creating. Adam and his team are very talented. They have an innate ability to take an idea out of your head and put it out to the world! I’ve felt so much support and encouragement for my project from Elation Music Studios. They excel at communication as well. I never felt out of the loop at any point. Adam is an extremely fast worker in the studio, so you can get a lot done in less time than you’d think. If you have ideas about outside musicians, Elation Music Studios has a good network of artists that can play on your project as well. Adam even did the cover art based on an idea of mine. You can achieve virtually all aspects of your project in-house at Elation Music Studios. You will also make new friends. Adam and his team are gems!"

Shawn Hockett

Join a community of heart-centered musicians aiming to do good in the world through their music.
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Branding & Design
Album Production
Music Distribution
Music Video Production

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Music Lessons
Bass | Guitar | Voice | Ukulele | Piano
Songwriting | Theory | Production

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Artist Empowerment
Want to take your creative expression to the next level? This immersive experience will empower you to break through obstacles, gain confidence, and you'll even write, record, and produce a radio-ready song.

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Our Work
Here are some of the collaborative projects we've brought to life with our community of mission-driven musicians.
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Our vision is to use the power of
music to bring the world together as one.

Our mission is to fill the world with  empowered,
heart-centered musicians and healing musical experiences.

Accessible process for musicians at all levels.
We're easy to collaborate with and can bring your creative visions to life, amplify your skills, and empower your expression. (All with superb project management and we'll have a lot of fun in the process)

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The Challenge
Building confidence and the ability to express something you love...
What is my true creative capacity?
How can I develop more confidence and flow?
How can I express with more freedom?
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