2022 Songwriting Camp
Turn Your Creative Potential into Songwriting Success
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2022 Songwriting Camp!
Ages 13 + Welcome

July 18th - 22nd | 10 am - 3 pm | Bloomington MN
With a Performance @ 12 pm on the 23rd

Want to feel more confident in your expression? Always wanted to write music? Need a songwriting boost?

Then this camp is for you! Get hand-on experience in a safe environment where we will collaborate with other musicians, explore the elements of songwriting, and empower your creative voice.

In This Fun and Relaxing Environment...
Our team of professional musicians will guide you through the process of songwriting. Throughout the week, you'll have the chance to learn about different songwriting techniques and participate in hands-on exercises that will help inspire new songs and new ideas.

Elation Music Studio's Songwriting Camp is an immersive songwriting experience that fuses expression and healing with creative play.

Throughout this camp, you'll work with professional musicians and fellow campers to experiment with how the science of songwriting works—but more importantly, how it makes you feel.

The end goal is to jump-start your creative voice and help you achieve an authentic relationship with your writing.

Unity South Church in Bloomington, MN.
7950 1st Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55420
July 18th - 22nd
10 am - 3 pm CST

Showcase Concert
A concert celebrating the creative voices of our community!

July 23rd, 12 pm featuring the attendees of this camp.
All Ages 13 + Welcome!
The attendees will be split up into two groups: 13 - 17 and, 18 and up.
This summer camp is $395, with payment plans and scholarships available.
Hi, I'm Tyler
Director of Development | Instructor
I love connecting with other people. I use music as a tool to interact and engage with the world. I'm excited by what's possible in music, by the ways it can unlock our creativity and allow us to process our emotions and experiences.

I work with aspiring and emerging artists to discover higher levels of their musical expression and creative abilities. I help them discover what's possible in their musical voice and teach them how to use music as a tool of emotional processing. I plan musical programming, from songwriting camps to community performances.
Hi, I'm Adam
Executive Producer | Founder
I'm an executive producer and creative coach with a passion for empowering musicians to bring their voices to life. As an experienced entrepreneur and teacher, I've spent my career merging structure and creativity to help musicians expand their expression and discover the power of their voices.

I've always used music as a means of self-discovery and I'm passionate about sharing that experience with others.

I have a duel degree in both music and mathematics, started my career as a teacher, and currently run two companies: Voice & Impact (a coaching and media company for mission-driven entrepreneurs) and Elation Music Studios (a music studio dedicated to bringing the world together through the power of music).
What the Elation Music Studios Community is Saying...
Adam is a smart, kind and creative human… and just when you think it couldn’t get any better… Adam pulls out his sax! He understands music inside-and-out… he tracks … he mixes… he creates heart centered events… he helps with wonderful marketing ideas. Adam is a true 21st century creative!
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Brother Timothy
"I took an intensive Artist Empowerment course with the wonderful Adam Schneider (founder) & the experience changed my life in ways that are beyond words... If you're seeking a studio that tenaciously embodies authenticity, creative empowerment, & FUN— look no further! The second you step foot into Elation Music Studios, you are seen & supported. <3"
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Jade Marianna
"Elation Studios is a place perfectly suited for creating. Adam and his team are very talented. They have an innate ability to take an idea out of your head and put it out to the world! I’ve felt so much support and encouragement for my project from Elation Studios. You will also make new friends. Adam and his team are gems!"
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Shawn Hockett
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